Our work is effective because of a process we use called PHDP (Participatory Human Development Process). This inclusive nine-step process uses extensive firsthand research and involves community participation that bolsters confidence and invokes action in the impoverished people we work with in the field.

Our goal is to help impoverished communities become completely self-reliant rather than dependent on NGOs. And it works!

In three to eight years, or when a community is ready, we begin the process of “phasing out” villages. Beginning with newly-minimal assistance, and moving toward the point of complete independence, we allow people to flourish as families and communities, using their own strengths and aspirations as tools for success.

According to reports developed by institutions of the United Nations, participatory processes, like this one, are the most effective way to sustainably end poverty. And in our 30-plus years of experience, we see the life-changing results every day.

Here’s more about how we’re helping people out of the cycle of poverty.