This is a big deal: Leah Diaz (pictured above), a member of Outreach’s field staff in our communities in the Philippines, was selected to work with the National Anti-Poverty Commission [NAPC], a government-run partnership program that focuses on including those afflicted by poverty in top-level discussions and decision-making processes that determine where assistance and facilitation will be offered. In other words, it moves those who might otherwise linger as footnotes in the margins into the body of the document, so they might help contribute to the overall text.

“I am honored to introduce [Outreach’s work in the Philippines] and [to share] my field experiences with NAPC, especially those whose programs and services are with the poor, but have limited interactions with the people they [serve],” said Leah. “They [NAPC] expressed admiration to us about how we do our work.”

The NAPC works closely with farmers, landless rural workers, fishermen, indigenous people, migrant workers, women, children, students, senior citizens, the disabled, disaster victims, and representatives from community cooperatives to ensure that projects and programs are designed to fully address their respective needs, instead of PR-rich but impact-poor initiatives put together by those living outside the realities of resolving poverty, however well-intentioned they might be.

“To them [the NAPC], Outreach’s work is very consistent with what the government would like to have happen [with their own programs and projects]. I feel grateful, as ours is a proven development approach already.”


Leah with NAPC Secretary, Joel Rocamora


1st Quarterly Meeting with other Council Members from different regions (2016)

Our program is not just recognized as a thought leader in development work in the Philippines, but now has a real voice within society of how things are actually done by the government to eliminate deep poverty.

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