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Congrats, Dennis!

Our dear friend and colleague, Dennis Labayen, retired from his official capacity with Outreach at the end of last week, after serving for more than 36 years.


Faith Communities

Are you an advocate for Outreach in your community? Want to enrich the great work you’re already doing? Interested in becoming an advocate? Organize an opportunity for you and your fellow congregants to work together to make, then meet, your fundraising goals with these creative, engaging group activities.



All about Outreach! Facts, figures, and photos to provide context for our work, insights into our approach, and highlights of the sustainable successes that inevitably result. Download photos for presentations, and headers for Facebook and Twitter, and so much more!


Our Team

The women and men who represent Outreach every day in communities around the world are more than our peers; they’re our heroes.

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