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5 Ways to Fight Poverty

More than half the world lives on less than $2 a day. It's a startling truth that can sometimes make us feel helpless. Yet poverty can and must be fought.


A Sparkling Debut in Nepal

Replacing dirty water with a clear solution.


M-bracing MPATs M-plementation

MPAT, or the Multi-Dimensional Poverty Assessment Tool, is the most comprehensive method to measure poverty's presence in a community, then quantify and assess the results of the efforts and methods employed as all parties work toward building a stronger, more prosperous future.



Closer to home (ours and yours), our world-class volunteer network plays a crucial role in helping us advocate for greater visibility and facilitate lasting empowerment. Get involved today!



All about Outreach! Facts, figures, and photos to provide context for our work, insights into our approach, and highlights of the sustainable successes that inevitably result. Download photos for presentations, and headers for Facebook and Twitter, and so much more!

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