It’s only a “dry season” if there’s no water.

Residents of the Dapilani village in Zambia are working hard to change that. Partnering with members of their local Outreach field staff, 18 members of the community came together to identify and secure, at no cost, a spot of land in the center of their village in which a stream flows. In order to conserve and preserve water for irrigation during the traditionally dry months of the year, community members built a dam, “impounding” extant water for when they need it.

Now, local farmers are able to continue growing more— and more varied— crops all year long, to feed themselves, their families, and to sell at market to generate extra income. This is a marked change from previous years, where families were forced to increase spending in order to buy food, rather than grow it themselves.

Currently, 435 people in Dapilani benefit from this undertaking; giving all of them more to eat, more to earn, and less to worry about!

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