There’s a lot of symbolism from which to draw when discussing roads. They’re a path towards a brighter future! They twist and turn and have potholes and cracks! They provide a surface on which one might walk a mile in another person’s shoes! These things practically write themselves.

The road that unites the two halves of El Tunel, Nicaragua has remained a steep, dangerous, rutted mess for residents for years. It’s a perilous climb for those on foot, and nearly impossible to navigate for those on bicycles. Cars stuck on the muddy incline spin their wheels to free themselves, further deteriorating the road’s surface. As the road stretches between El Tunel and the village’s church, it serves as a main—if unsuitable—artery for many elderly residents who are faced with the choice of risking injury on the main road, or taking a much longer, equally steep alternate route to circumvent the unpaved road.

The residents of El Tunel gathered recently and decided that, rather than wait for government assistance that might never arrive, they would work together to provide funding, materials, and labor and repair the road themselves. In total, the community has provided 90% of the effort and expenses needed to construct a properly paved road surface.

With the simple addition of a proper, sturdy paved road, residents’ lives become simpler and safer. Beyond streamlining errands and commutes, the road will facilitate outside commerce, drastically reduce the number of injuries resulting from falls, and move the community towards a more modernized route towards a unified population and a sustainable economy. It’s a chance to encourage teamwork and initiative in a region where success can be elusive. An unobstructed path means that a promising future is straight ahead.

Join us! Let’s build a path to a brighter future.

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