What do biking and fundraising have in common? For Assistant Nursing Professor Kathleen Paco Cadman, everything.

On June 7, she and her dad, Robert, vowed to pedal 1,842 miles from Canada to Mexico, all in the name of ending poverty.

“I’ve seen a lot of projects done by Outreach International all over the world,” said Cadman. ” It’s one of the few groups I’ve come across that actually does what it says it is doing, in a sustainable way.”

And this isn’t Kathleen’s first bike ride for Outreach. Several years ago, she and her dad rode from Florida to California as a fundraiser.

She couldn’t be more excited to be at it again. “I’m really enjoying what I’m doing,” she continued. “Not only is it raising money for an organization that I like, it’s just good to be outdoors and take a little break from the academic me and do physical activities instead.”

Want to support Kathleen’s courageous endeavor? Click here to find the fundraising page Doris Cadman—Kathleen’s mom—helped set up. She’s already raised 50 percent of her goal! Help our loyal supporter fund her cause!

Or set up a fundraiser for your own cause at myoutreach-international.org today.