“In our communities, we do not have money to give to our children. But in 20 years, these pines will be the legacy I can leave them.” – Norberto – Outreach Community Partner – Bolivia

Outreach International | Bolivia | Legacy Circle | NorbertoEvery tree has a story written in its rings. As a tiny sapling stretches toward the sun, it sends its roots deeper, nourishing growth as it braces itself for itself for tomorrow.

With each passing year, the circles widen. What was once soft and vulnerable grows strong and sturdy, thriving in harmony with the surrounding elements, sharing its abundance with the world.

Outreach International | Bolivia | Legacy Circle | Norberto Outreach International | Bolivia | Legacy Circle

Outreach International | Bolivia | Legacy CircleJoining Outreach’s Legacy Circle by naming Outreach International as a beneficiary in your will or estate plan ensures what is planted today will provide for tomorrow.

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