For families in Kurumpeta, India, creating a water system to serve the entire community had long been in the works. And as of June 30, after months of collaboration and teamwork, 625 people have access to clean, safe drinking water.

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After using the local river as the main source for water for generations, diseases like cholera broke out among the community. The people of Kurumpeta knew that the need for clean water was urgent.

But disease wasn’t the only hardship. Surendra and his wife, a couple well into their 60s, began to struggle physically on their walk to the river. Not only was it a long journey, but carrying a heavy pot back to their home became gradually more difficult.

Now that the pipe system is finished, the community has nine “water points” that they can access clean water from, distributed throughout their villages. Surendra and his wife no longer have to battle the elements to get water—now they get it at a “water point” just outside their home.

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“We are very happy. Before, we used to go to the river for bathing, and in the rainy season we were taking baths in muddy river water. We were affected by different diseases, but now we are not depending on river water. Now we have clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning house and washing clothes,” said Riwana, a woman from Kurumpeta.


Thanks to our gracious supporters, the families in Kurumpeta will have clean water for the rest of their lives.