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Cambodia | Outreach International
Cambodia | Outreach International



Outreach’s community partners in Cambodia demonstrate a spirit of engagement and determination that fills hearts with hope on both sides of the partnership. As local facilitators integrate into communities and bring neighbors together as teammates, our shared hope comes into clearer focus as we work as a team toward a permanent end to chronic poverty in Cambodia, and throughout the world.


Cambodia’s climate is entirely tropical, with a low-lying central plain ringed by gentle hills and squat mountain ranges. The Tonle Sap (or “Great Lake”) lies near the center of the country, nourishing Cambodia’s heartland, where rural farmers grow rice, the country’s main export. Currently, 90% of Cambodians living below the poverty line live in rural areas.

In the last few decades, Cambodia has experienced enormous economic growth, reducing inequality and increasing household income, but the country’s rural poor remain vulnerable to unexpected circumstances, and have few resources on which they can rely in the long-term.

A complex political legacy discouraged Cambodians from expressing independence or self-reliance for decades, leading to a pervasive attitude of mistrust amongst neighbors and communities.

Through thoughtful community integration and persistent encouragement from facilitators, Outreach-affiliated staff in Cambodia is working hard to change peoples’ mindsets, elevate expectations for success, and demonstrate that the path out of poverty must be forged by the footsteps of everyone moving in the same direction.

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