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68 current projects
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13,249 direct beneficiaries


Malawi’s GDP per capita is one of the lowest in the world and more than 50 percent of Malawians live below the national poverty line. Malawi struggles with unemployment, disease, including one of the highest prevalence’s of HIV/AIDS in the world, as well as malnutrition and problems involving infrastructure, such as lack of electricity.

Outreach, together with its Malawian partner program, Outreach Development Program, works in 12 communities serving 13,240 beneficiaries.

To Stir, with Love

The phrase “e pluribus unum,” Latin for “out of many, one,” does not, as many believe, originate from the seal of the United States created in 1776. Though the concept of a diverse collection working in harmony for a shared goal applies to...

Malawi community members learn how to cook tomato sauce over fire pit.
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Issues And Impact

An astonishing number of people in Malawi are without access to clean drinking water. And in rural areas, an even higher percentage of people are affected. Prior to Outreach's work in Malawi, only eight percent of our communities had access to clean water.

Working with families in Malawi, Outreach has now helped more than one-third of individuals gain access to wells and water pumps, and we are continuing to increase water projects in the area.

Before Outreach began working in communities in Malawi, hundreds of children were malnourished and underweight. And during the lean months (dry season), only two out of every five families have enough food to feed their children.

Outreach is helping more than 100 children participate in a feeding program to gain weight. So far, the program has been 84 percent effective, and we are continuing to expand the program.

Before Outreach began working in Malawi, a mere four percent of the children in our communities had access to education.

Now, nearly 40 percent of the children in our communities have schooling nearby, and we are continuing to help Malawian families find more options for education.

In Outreach communities in Malawi, only 15 percent of families had enough income to feed their families before we began working with them.

Now, after continued dedication, roughly one-third of the families in Outreach communities have access to adequate income to provide for their families.

In the last several years, families in Malawi have raised concern about the lack of trees in their communities and the negative effects it has had on the environment.

We have helped community members in Malawi plant 33,500 trees, and we are continuing to move forward with environmental projects in the area.

People And Communities

We're helping build school houses in Malawi to increase options for education for our communities.
Small business projects, like goat raising, help families increase income.
A treadle pump irrigation system increases harvests in Malawi during the lean months.

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