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Places | Nepal



Nepal is the newest member of the Outreach family, boasting a staff of youthful, energetic, highly educated development professionals. Over the next year, we’ll have more and more encouraging numbers to share as work continues lifting people out of chronic poverty.


A landlocked country with a swirling diversity of ethnic backgrounds, languages, and religions, Nepal’s geography ranges from plains to literally the tallest point in the world. Economically, Nepal ranks as the 28th poorest country in Asia, and an estimated 78.4% of the population aged 15 and above are unemployed. A ruinous earthquake and its aftershocks in April, 2015 killed and injured thousands, in addition to destroying countless homes, buildings, and roads. The country’s population remains committed to rebuilding and strengthening its infrastructure, but underlying issues of chronic poverty persist as funding and support are routed elsewhere.

Initial stages of Outreach International’s work in Nepal focus on three communities’ efforts to explore new, sustainable methods of agriculture, improve access to healthcare and education, and rebuild components of infrastructure that assist in increasing levels of income.


As part of Outreach’s process of expanding into a new country, our board of directors recently joined our president and members of our headquarters team for an expansive-yet-brief tour of the country, its people, and the unlimited potential of our...

Nepal Expansion
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People And Communities

Outreach Nepal’s staff of ten dedicated development officers boast skills and specialties suited for the work ahead.
As Nepal’s population continues to grow, Outreach Nepal is focused on ensuring reliable access to healthcare.
Nepal’s vibrant population encompasses a mosaic of faiths, languages, social standings, and economic backgrounds.

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