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17 communities
Community-Led Actions Community-Led Actions
101 current projects
People Served People Served
9,135 direct beneficiaries


The very first work of the organization that what would eventually become Outreach International began in the Philippines in 1974.

There are 161 ongoing projects and issues prioritized by these communities, including rice and food loan projects, sanitation and health-related projects, animal income generating projects, among others.

Outreach International works in 17 communities in the Philippines serving 9,135 people.


The Ripe Stuff

“Once, our efforts were based on whatever came to mind [in the moment]. Now, we come up with a plan; talking through possibilities, and how to manage these scenarios if things don’t go as planned.”—Zaldy, Philippines Seems like it was only...

Gardening Project | Philippines
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Issues And Impact

In rural Philippines, nearly one-fourth of the population is without access to clean water. The World Health Organization estimates that diarrhea is responsible for about 8.5 percent of all deaths in the region.

We're helping families in the Philippines by building clean water systems, like wells and pumps. Today, we've helped 60 percent of the families in Outreach communities gain access to safe drinking water. And we're continuing to spread our mission to surrounding communities, too.

Nearly 24 percent of the country is suffering from extreme hunger. With not enough money to buy food, and not enough resources for crop growth, families often have difficulty keeping their children fed. Hunger becomes especially challenging during the lean months—a time of little or no harvest.

In villages in the Philippines, we have helped create rice loan projects. Families are actively participating in a revolving loan that we've found to be extremely successful.

Today, 51 percent of children and their families in Outreach communities have access to enough food during the lean months, and we are continuing to expand the loan project until each family is fed.

Before Outreach began working in the Philippines, only 63 percent of the children in our communities had access to education. Because there was not enough room in nearby schools, many children would have to walk for miles to get to another school.

Outreach has empowered communities to build and expand school buildings in the Philippines. Today, 95 percent of children in our communities have access to education, and we are working to heighten our reach outside of our current communities.

Roughly half of the population in the Philippines lives in rural areas, making it difficult to get to essential health care and pharmaceuticals. Only three of every 10 people in the country have access to medicines when they need it.

Outreach has helped build health clinics in rural areas of the Philippines. 72 percent of Outreach communities now have access to medicines and health care when they need it.

In the Philippines, 27 percent of the population is suffering from extreme poverty, having few options to increase their family income.

Outreach has helped the people of the Philippines access water buffalo to use for milk, field help and manure. Families living on less than $1.35 in Outreach communities have seen a 14-fold increase in income since the water buffalo project began.

People And Communities

When our communities access reasonable rice loans, they make enough money to feed their families.
Since Outreach began working in the Philippines, 22 percent more children have accessed education.
Our water buffalo project helps families increase income.

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