Teri Rankin, Outreach International Volunteer Advisor and Congregational Representative for the Cross Street, IL Community of Christ shared some thoughts from her Advent Stable experience last year:

“The kids really looked forward to the Advent Stable time each week in our service. They LOVED the [take-home gifts] they got to keep each week. We put up cardstock buckets on the wall that represented each $50 we raised.”

She continued, “We also had a manger that we put an item in each week to represent the children featured in the Children’s Moments. They liked the visuals! One family sold toys that the kids no longer played with to raise $150 for OI, and all the kids enjoyed the giving process. Thank you for providing such great materials to use!”


P.S. Is your faith community looking for ideas to engage your youth this Advent season? Download the 2016 Advent Stable materials today!