I’ve just arrived in Zambia and had the privilege of visiting a new community in which we’re now working. Muchinshi is a semirural village located several miles away from Chingola in the copperbelt area of Zambia. To be totally honest, I had mixed feelings during my time in the community. On the one hand I was extremely saddened to see the level of poverty these people are having to endure. But on the other hand, I couldn’t help but feel an incredible sense of hope as each member is determined to tackle their problems head on. With the assistance of our facilitator on the ground they are already making huge strides in solving their immense issues. In this photo you can see one of the women who is working on her plot of land to grow vegetables. Her whole family are already feeling the benefit of the food this is providing. There are many problems for the community of Muchinshi to face but through working with Outreach International, they are on the right path.

Photo by Wayne Rowe – Communications Team – Outreach International