Women from the Tujikaze group in Nyanja, DR Congo, gather for a group meeting to discuss the logistics of the next cycle of their Poultry Project. The project was conceived by their group as a means of generating much-needed income to provide for basics like school fees, books, clothing, medication, cooking utensils, and a host of other necessities for their families.

Women Meeting Pano

The women investigate to determine the best-quality chicks for the most affordable prices sold in accessible locations, typically a market within walking distance or accessible by public transportation. Their funds are pooled and handed off to group representatives, each member specifying the number of chicks they want.

Each of the women raise anywhere from 10 to more than 50 chickens at a time, keeping a few to provide food for their own families and selling the rest at market for prices ranging from $3 to $8, depending on size and quality. 5% of their respective profits are put into a group fund, which is used to provide low-interest loans to group members in need.

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