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Match Madness!

The only thing better than giving a gift to Outreach is having that gift doubled by your employer’s philanthropic gift-matching program. Some companies even offer to TRIPLE your donation! Yowza.

Even better, you can enter your company’s name in the search field below to find out if they offer to match charitable gifts, to ensure your generosity is as frictionless as it is miraculous.

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Not to state the obvious, but having your gift matched means your contribution to the good of all humanity can go twice as far. Quite a bargain.

If your employer isn’t listed in the results, inquire with your HR department to confirm the availability of a gift-matching program. For further details on matching gifts, send our Donor Services experts an email, and we’ll help you get everything set up. We’re experts!

Outreach International EIN is 43-1164177.

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