Bag of Rice


Have a Rice Day. A bag of rice can be the only thing that separates a family from an empty pantry during seasonal stretches between harvests. Help minimize the worry, stress, and negative health effects of chronic hunger, keep our partners healthy, and allow for the simple pleasure of families gathering to share a meal each day.

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A bag of rice gives families the ability to last through the off-season, when their income and output are at the lowest of the year. It gives them enough to eat, as well as some breathing room to avoid going deeper into debt by having to purchase the food themselves.

Your charitable gifts go where they have the most sustainable, meaningful impact on the lives of women, men, children and families with whom Outreach partners to end chronic poverty. All items in the Sustainable Gift Catalog symbolically represent the outcome of the work underway by our international teams, including community-managed animal and farming projects, education, health clinics, clean water initiatives, and much more.