The Gifts that Keep on Goating! Everyone loves goats for their gentle, curious nature and sweet widdle faces. We love goats because they’re so gosh-darned sensible: Their modest appetites, high output of wholesome milk and nutrient-packed fertilizer, and their self-governing social structure mean when a goat’s around, everyone feels a little bit better.

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Providing meat, fertilizer, and dairy, a goat provides nourishment and extra income for families. Our most popular gift, goats provide lasting nourishment with milk and fertilizer. You’ll put an end to hunger for a family in need and provide an item to be sold in the marketplace for extra income.

Your gift will go where it will have the greatest impact to help people living in poverty. Items in the Sustainable Gift Catalog symbolically represent the outcomes of our work internationally, including community-managed animal and farming projects, schools, health clinics, women’s leadership training and much more.