Goat + Gracie the Goat


The Gifts that Keep on Goating! Finally, a goat that will let you nuzzle it as much as you want! Real goats have work to do. Gracie the Goat’s only mission is to provide unlimited cuddle privileges. She’s as selfless as an Outreach supporter – specifically, an Outreach supporter who orders a goat from our catalog and gets Gracie as a free gift.

This purchase includes a plush toy goat named Gracie, who measures 6″ tall from hoof to head.

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Goats provide meat, fertilizer, dairy, and extra income for families, and Gracie the Stuffed Goat provides cuddles and happiness to anyone lucky enough to nuzzle her.

Get a free stuffed goat pal from us when you buy a goat from our catalog. She’s a symbol of your generosity, as well as your interest in things that are adorable.

Your gift will go where it will have the greatest impact to help people living in poverty. Items in the Sustainable Gift Catalog symbolically represent the outcomes of our work internationally, including community-managed animal and farming projects, schools, health clinics, women’s leadership training and much more.

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