Pigs are notable for a few things: their lovely pink hue, curly tails, curious snouts, and their historic interest in slop (and the consumption thereof). They’re also known by zoologists as the most financially responsible mammal in an average barnyard, leading to the inspiration for the classic “piggy bank” model of saving money.

Outreach supporter Jerry Sutton recently shared the news of his congregation’s novel approach to fighting poverty as a team, having enlisted the services of a colorful piggy bank as a partner. The Saguaro Heights Community of Christ Congregation in Tuscon, Arizona has been busy since 2013 nurturing their pig “Outreach” each week, as parishioners’ respective and collective donations jingle-jangle their way into his belly.

Ask any three-fingered farmhand, and you’ll quickly realize why the preferred method of pig-feeding is via slop trough, rather than by hand. The innovative, motivated members of the Saguaro Heights Congregation fashioned their own “S.L.O.P” (which stands for “Save Lots Of Pennies”) buckets for Outreach, which they pass around along with traditional collection plates each week for congregants’ contributions. Last year, Outreach ate $1,710 worth of donations, then kept them safe in his belly until the sum could be shared with the nonprofit organization who shares his name (meaning: us).

Pigs are gregarious and inclusive by nature, which is why Outreach (the pig) was so keen to see his largesse provide 10 goats, two sheep, two (real) pigs, 20 chickens, and a whole water buffalo to our community partners around the world, making their barnyards brighter. He even had enough left over to provide meals to children and families for two months! As Charlotte (the spider, not our Special Projects Manager) observed with her exceedingly literate web-making skills, that is indeed “some pig”!



The kindness and generosity of the Saguaro Heights Congregation is matched only by their warmth and inspiration in supporting Outreach (the organization) by supporting Outreach (the pig). They encourage other Outreach (the organization) supporters to adopt their own pigs to feed each week. Our only addition is that you’ll have to think up a different name than “Outreach,” since it’s already taken. Bless each and every one of you!


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