Outreach deals in trust. Trust shared between neighbors as they work together for the good of their community. Trust between communities and our teams in the field as partners and friends. Trust between staff around the world and at HQ that every decision made serves to strengthen and further our mission. Trust between HQ staff and our board members that we will continue to innovate and succeed in our approach to fighting poverty and bringing about a more just world.

576 hours! That’s how much time our sainted Volunteer Action Squad devoted to helping Outreach wrangle the complicated logistics of saving the world. Yowza!

This trust— and this success— starts with you, our supporters and volunteers. You trust Outreach to honor your patronage, our partners, and our promise by putting your gifts to work where and when they’ll have the greatest impact. You trust us to help. You trust us to care.

While our approach is singular, our mission is shared by plenty of other charitable organizations. So we asked some of our supporters for their rationale in choosing Outreach to be the stewards of their goodwill. Nothing helps build trust like forthright clarity!

G. Scott Lacy:

I believe in the model of people helping people. As a teenager, I attended a summer camp where I was challenged to raise money for a charity using my talents. I was moved in that moment to devote much of my performing to fundraising. Over the years, I’ve performed for many different organizations, but none comes close to making the life-lasting impact on abolishing poverty and hunger like Outreach International. It is my honor to continue to fundraise on OI’s behalf.

Jay & Elise Flatland:

The approach at Outreach intrigued us. The idea that they made such an effort to find leaders in the communities in other countries and the communities themselves identified their needs, seemed so logical, but also made Outreach stand out from other organizations. Outreach truly integrates into its communities in ways that foster true and lasting change.

Joel & Laurie Edwards:

We choose to support Outreach because you give impoverished communities a voice. The people determine what needs are most important to them, whether it is clean water, education, nutrition, access to health care, or some other need, and are active participants in projects, taking ownership of their continued success.

Zeamers Summit ChallengeStan & Gina Zeamer:

It’s hard to agree on much of anything in life, but it’s harder to argue that we’re here on earth for any reason besides caring for and helping one another. For nearly 40 years, Outreach has embodied this principle, lifting people out of poverty. It’s not charity. It’s vision-building. Both of us are proud to be partners and supporters.

Ron & Judy Carter:

We have always been interested in helping people who are doing their best to make the world a better place. We appreciate the fact that Outreach harnesses the ideas and resources of the people with whom they work to identify and overcome the issues most important to communities.

When we recently revised our estate plan, we decided to include donations to the top 10 charities we regularly support. Outreach is currently in our top three, based on their importance in the lives of the people they serve.

We appreciate all that Outreach’s staff does to further bless those who need so much.

Larry & Dorcas Wilkinson:

I value the time, energy and expertise of the Outreach International field teams as they continue to change lives of ‘the least of these,’ through empowering one village at a time.

Giving goats every year at Christmastime in the name of my grandsons satisfies two needs: I really would like to have my own goat(s), but find it very impractical in the mountains; secondly, I hope this is an example that continues to teach the next generations the importance of sharing our wealth —whether by actively making the world a more equal place through their professional or vocational choices or through charitable giving, so others can represent these values.

Immense, eternal thanks to all our the vocal supporters who contributed their thoughts. We literally couldn’t do any of this without you!

How To Help

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