In Malawi, during the dry season, many families have difficulty growing enough crops to eat and sell in the marketplace for income.

Chipeta was contemplating leaving his wife and children for a few months to pursue work outside his community. He didn’t have enough money to keep his family healthy and had few other options for income.

Chipeta wasn’t the only one suffering. Because farming is the primary source of work, during the lean months, many families in Malawi are lacking sufficient income.

When Outreach International came to help mobilize the community, they figured out a way to continue crop growth during the lean months.

Building a Dimba—a garden near a riverbank—water is easily accessible, making irrigation easier.

More than 50 people in Chipeta’s village are now benefiting from Dimbas.

And with enough income to feed his family, Chipeta no longer has to worry about leaving his family’s side.

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