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Outreach Ink-ernational with Stan and Gina Zeamer

These two Outreach supporters recently took the concept of “branding” to its logical (but thankfully, not literal) endpoint by getting matching “OI Guy” tattoos on their respective ankles.

Zeamer's Tattoo for Outreach

The Kids Stay in the Picture in Kuljing, India

Since 2013, a team of ten local women and men have worked together on an income-generating, goat-centric project, organizing details, streamlining logistics, and ultimately, managing success.

Kujiling, India Goat Project

Fill ‘er Up: Tips, Tricks, and Unhelpful Suggestions for Filling Your Shatto Milk Bottle

Saving the world is thirsty work, and demands a rigid set of bones to keep one standing upright in the face of adversity. Naturally, this means that a big glass of milk every day is essential to effective stewardship of one’s fellow humans. In years past, we’ve kept our milk-drinking and fund-raising separate, usually rewarding

The Fire Inside: La Prusia’s Eco-Stoves

Go into many kitchens throughout rural Nicaragua, and you’ll find a “three stones” traditional stove as the centerpiece. The three-stone fire is the cheapest means of assembling a usable stove, requiring only three large stones of the same height to be arranged around a fire to support a balancing cooking pot. While simple and convenient,

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