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Gary Logan Goes the Distance

Gary and his wonderful family have been running races around the world to raise awareness of poverty-related issues (and Outreach-related solutions). This year, Gary’s efforts are going to even greater lengths.

Gary Logan Races to Fight Poverty Fundraisers

Staff Q&A: Michel from Outreach Congo

Michel is an amazing member of the Outreach Congo team, working closely with our community partners and empowering them to collaborate on resolving issues ranging from food insecurity to accessing clean, safe water sources. Our globe-trotting Field Operations Manager, Cassidy, recently sat down with Michel for a quick Q&A. Thanks, Cassidy! Thanks, Michel! In what

Michele, Congo Team Member

Lens Mens: Outreach’s Dads in Action

In honor of Father’s Day, we put together a selection of some of our favorite Outreach family photos of the dads we admire, and the kids they inspire.

Gift a Tribute Gift this Father's Day

Stewardship, Partnership, Friendship

I’ve been blessed with two beautiful children. I’ve also been cursed by Father Time, because I am now watching these two young people become self-sufficient adults who no longer need me. Distantly, Fiddler on the Roof’s “Sunrise, Sunset” starts to play in my head when I reflect on all the piggyback rides and Little League

Kevin Prine, President in Bolivia

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