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Meet Luz Dania

Luz Dania is a marvel. Since 2006, she’s worked with Outreach’s Nicaraguan arm, Alcance Nicaragua, as an HDF [Human Development Facilitator] in communities throughout the country with a dedication and tenacity so fierce that to know her is to be inspired by her.

Meet Luz from Nicaragua

Have a Cow, Man

You are a farmer in an Outreach-affiliated community in DR Congo. You and the other farmers who live here have the same needs as any farmer anywhere; chiefly, a means to efficiently plough your fields and haul the sorts of heavy equipment and materials that a farmer uses to fix what needs fixing and build

DR Congo Cattle Project

Calling All Cards

Community Partners in India Mobilize to Avoid Getting Lost in the Shuffle Outreach’s work around the world to eliminate chronic poverty takes many forms: improving access to clean water, training farmers to increase crop yield, facilitating education and healthcare initiatives to give our partners the tools and wellbeing to reach their full potential, among countless

Job Cards in India

Service to Others, Service to All: Our Volunteers, in Their Own Words

Outreach’s love for our volunteers is as boundless as their generosity of spirit, which is one of the reasons we can’t help but dote on them whenever we have a plumb excuse like National Volunteer Week.

We Love Our Volunteers!

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