Adhering to the theme of “Pass It On,” the feature article in Outreach’s 2015 Annual Report tells the story of Ana Liza and her mother Lucy, two of Outreach’s community partners from the tiny hamlet of Sibug, in the Philippines.

Lucy’s longtime involvement with PHDp [Outreach’s Participatory Human Development program] garnered everything from more land for local farmers, securing livestock and tools for those same farmers to help them tend their plots and increase their respective incomes, to establishing a small school where local children— her daughter Ana Liza among them— could attend classes without having to make a four-and-a-half mile journey to the town of Rio Chico each day.

Ana Liza spent her childhood observing her mother’s strength and dedication to building a better life for the people of their community. She took those lessons to heart as she grew up— mixing the realities and hardships of a life in poverty with the opportunities forged through her school studies and hard work outside of class, Ana Liza eventually earned her teaching degree, and returned to Sibug to work with her mother and establish a larger school in their community that would serve more students, and improve more lives.

But you don’t have to take our word for it! You can read the whole story here. Enjoy!

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