From Cassidy and Dennis, members of our HQ field team who are visiting Outreach communities throughout Africa, comes this inspiring snippet from Benjamin (pictured above), one of our participants in Chamata, Zambia:

“It makes me very happy to know that not only do we have a family here in our community group in Zambia, but we also have a family of people in the United States who support us.”

Participants in Chamata are busy rehabilitating three wells in their village, arranging treadle pumps to improve crop irrigation, building latrines, and starting small businesses for women in their community.


Benjamin, we feel you. We’re beside ourselves with gladness to have you and your fellow community members as a part of our family, and feel so fortunate to be able to witness your success. Also, you look dynamite in that suit, sir! You’re an inspiration to us on so many levels.

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