It’s worthwhile on occasion to consider all the work that goes into so many aspects of your daily life. Someone bagged your daily newspaper to keep morning dew off of it. Someone thought about how best to prepare the food you bought for lunch. Every letter waiting for you in your mailbox is the result of untold numbers of people responsible for writing, addressing, sorting, and delivering it. We’d never get anything done if we spent our days being amazed by all the care undertaken on our behalf, but in our experience, occasionally taking a moment to consider how many hands help gather and arrange the contextual packaging material for our daily routines is a good way to keep a grateful outlook on things.

For instance: Chances are, you’ve either recently received Outreach’s 2017 holiday cards (pictured above), or will receive them soon. You’ll only get one, but that envelope is one of thousands that we mailed off around the world. Throughout the year, Outreach HQ is blessed to have a circle of volunteers drop by on a regular basis to help with things like hand-stuffing envelopes— those details that truly make the difference between Outreach having moderate success in our work, and the kind of unqualified success Outreach has enjoyed for the past few years.

Our volunteers keep the wheels turning, spending their own free time on tasks that aren’t glamorous, but very much need doing. They’re sweet and diligent, offering up warm smiles and greetings when we pop our heads around the corner to say hello, but staying focused on their task until it’s finished.

Outside of Outreach HQ’s walls, our volunteers are no less motivated— regularly coming together to sponsor fundraising efforts, engage their home congregations or communities, and generally proving themselves to be selfless, tireless opponents of chronic global poverty.

Not a week passes where staff isn’t touched or astounded by the latest thoughtful gesture done on Outreach’s behalf by one of our wonderful volunteers. We continue to be impressed, flattered, and so very thankful to have each and every one of them on our team. This is how we win!

To all our volunteers: it is an honor to work alongside you, and we can’t thank you enough (but we’ll keep trying)!