For nearly 20 years, the families in Los Alvarez, Nicaragua, have had access to a nearby water well. Although they didn’t have the rights to the well, Bertha—the man who owned the land it was located on—let the community use it at no cost. 

Outreach International helped families learn to maintain the pipe system used to extract the clean water. They replaced the pipes several times to keep it operating optimally. 

Because obtaining clean water hasn’t been a problem in Los Alveraz for years, the families have been focusing their efforts on other community projects and initiatives with Outreach’s help.



One day, much to the dismay of the community, Bertha decided to sell his land. The 116 people living in Los Alvarez had to come up with a plan to continue finding clean water. With each family in the community earning less than $2 a day, they knew it would be difficult to find a solution. 

Meeting several times to come up with a consensus for how the community would move forward, they decided on a plan. They would buy the land; and once they were owners, they would never have to run into a problem like this again. 

Although it would cause financial strain, each family would save their money and pay a total of $25 in four months. 

“For me, as a leader, this is the biggest transformation I’ve seen my community undergo,” said Pedro. Four months later, when the community was ready to pay for the land, Pedro was overjoyed. 

“This has strengthened our community,” Pedro continued. “We’re not waiting for someone to come solve our problems; we are using our own resources and solving the problem together.”



Water projects are very important to Outreach and the many communities we work in. To find out more, click here.