Last year, Subeer, a teenager in the community of Kuljing, India, was badly hurt in a bike accident. He needed immediate medical treatment for a fatal infection in his leg. But one ubiquitous obstacle stood in his way: money.

Subeer comes from a family with very little money. A leg surgery that costs thousands of dollars was out of the question. It was an unfathomable dream. And to make matters more difficult, the hospital was 200 miles away.

But with a little encouragement from Outreach staff, his family decided to fundraise for their son. And it worked! Subeer was able to raise enough money and find transportation to get the surgery he needed to stop the infection.

This provoked Subeer’s community to evaluate their medical needs in the community. He and some others in the village decided to fix Kuljing’s health crisis. They wanted to make sanitation more accessible and bring their own health facility to the village.

First, they gained access to health camps, helping families learn the importance of sanitation to prevent sickness. Then, they gained access to essential medicines. Today, the community will never have to worry about traveling hundreds of miles to a hospital, and healthcare is right at their fingertips.

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