Two of our field team members, Cassidy and Dennis, are currently visiting some of our partner communities in D.R. Congo, working with field partners on new, more efficient ways of data collection to further enhance our ability to work together, even remotely. They have been busy meeting with locals to discuss challenges and opportunities they face in completing some of their ongoing clean-water projects. Thankfully, Cassidy has been capturing photos and keeping her ears open throughout her trip, collecting data the old-fashionIMG_0001ed way. She just sent some of her images to us here at HQ, and we’re excited to share them with you.

“The people in these photos represent our partners in the communities. Their higher level of awareness and the determination to collectively identify and solve the problems affecting them sustains and strengthens my passion and commitment to my work in the field with Outreach International since mid 1980 as part-time staff and since 1982 as full-time staff. They are my and your Heroines/Heroes. They are awesome!” – Dennis Labayen, Chief Field Officer




IMG_0004       IMG_0006


“The challenges that these communities are facing would have made me quit— there’s so much to be done, but our community partners persevere with an overwhelming attitude of determination and hope.” – Cassidy, Field Operations Manager




IMG_0018       IMG_0021







The full crew (Back: Musans, Domi, Michel, Dennis. Front: Erick, Cassidy, Mireille)

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