Five years ago, tragedy struck Haiti. The infamous 7.0 magnitude earthquake claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and left even more injured.

In an effort of support and camaraderie, people around the world jumped at the opportunity to help. But five years later, some organizations are questioning where all the relief money went. We, on the other hand, know exactly the impact you’ve helped us make. The growth we’ve seen in Haiti is truly amazing – and it’s all because of your kind-hearted generosity.

We know how important children’s learning potentials and well-beings are in Haiti – that’s why we are focusing on making their futures bright. We have helped rebuild school after school, and are financially supporting 60 schools, including 16 feeding programs. Thousands of children have benefited and continue to benefit from your support.

But what makes our work in Haiti different? Simply put, we aren’t imposing our ideas for the best strategy to rebuild; we’re working closely with local leaders to find out what they know they need for their communities. Similar to the process we use in our other countries, it’s what makes our work successful and sustainable; it’s what permanently ends poverty.

If we’ve learned one thing from our aid efforts in the last five years, it’s that there is hope amid the chaos. Children are growing stronger and our work is expanding.

In the coming year, with the help of Article 25 and the Community of Christ church, we’re helping to rebuild the Petionville school in Port-Au-Prince, an area where tragedy hit the hardest in 2010, affecting hundreds.

Thank you for sticking with us through this heartbreaking but incredible journey. We can’t wait to share more progress through the coming year.

And thanks to all our partners who’ve helped make success in Haiti possible: Community of Christ, Article 25, Just a Drop, Digicel Foundation, UNICEF, Jubilee Action (Chance for Childhood), HELP

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