Ever lie awake at night thinking about a toilet? Us either. But you might be surprised to find out that one in three people in the world lack access to improved latrines or toilets. That is a shocking 2.6 billion people who live without proper sanitation.

Without a toilet, diseases like cholera and diarrhea are spread. In fact, 1.6 million people die from diarrheal diseases every year. That’s a bigger killer than HIV, malaria and war-related deaths combined.

At Outreach International, we refuse to stand by while these diseases claim lives. We’re taking action in our villages around the world by building sanitary latrines and toilets.

So how can you celebrate World Toilet Day? Here are a couple ways to give from the bottom up:

1.  Donate your voice. Share this blog post with your friends on your favorite social media forum. A little word of mouth can raise a lot of awareness.

2. Join the movement. Check out our shop to support latrine and toilet projects in poverty-stricken communities. YOU can help save lives all over the world.