Patience. Dedication. Responsibility. Hard work. Sacrifice. Perseverance. How to make pancakes.

Our fathers and father figures gave us direction and purpose through explicit instruction and more subtle examples, sharing their wisdom and protecting us from repeating their mistakes. We asked our headquarters and field staff, as well as our community partners and supporters, to share the qualities they most closely associate with their fathers, so that we might share them with you. We’re celebrating dads all month long, and will be adding new entries to this list as we receive them, so check back for a regular dose of new insights. It’ll build character.

You can share your own experiences with the world by clicking here and filling out the fields with the words or lessons you father or father figure imparted to you. We appreciate your dad-cation!


“I learned hard work from my dad.” – Budhu, India

“I learned the blessings of generosity from my dad.” – Connie, supporter

“I learned listening carefully from my dad.”
– Godrick P. – Field Staff, Chigwere community, Malawi

“I learned thoughtfulness from my dad.” – Shyree, supporter

Damaso Jesus Urbina (Chugita) Corina su hija (3)_SQUARE
“I learned responsibility and friendship from my dad.” – Corina, Nicaragua

“I learned honesty and integrity from my dad.” – Sam H., supporter

“I learned cultivation from my dad.” – Gona, India

“I learned storytelling (of superheros, monsters, sacrifices and good deeds) from my dad.” – Krizza, Field Staff, Philippines 

“I learned how to manage challenges from my dad.” – Abosede, supporter


“I learned to make time for what matters from my dad.”
Alex (left), Field Operations Manager

“I learned the beauty of music from my dad.”
Cassidy (right), Field Operations Manager

“I learned kindness, genuine caring and laughter from my dad.” – Sally B., supporter

“I learned that it’s never too late to learn from my dad.”
– Marsha, Volunteer and Development Specialist 

“I learned the humility in life from my dad.” – Musans, Field Staff, DR Congo

“I learned how to serve others and be spiritual from my dad.” – Nicole, supporter

“I learned how to dream and work hard from my dad.”
– Felee, Field Staff, Philippines


“I learned love from my dad.” – Amos, India

“I learned compassion and gratefulness from my dad.” – Julie, supporter

“I learned to suffer the burden of others to reach the goal from my dad.”
– Esteban, Bolivia 

“I learned social equality from my dad.” – Natalie, supporter 

“I learned faithfulness from my dad.” – Rasmita, India

“I learned to never say you don’t like someone, say you don’t like his or her behavior from my dad.”
– Carol B., supporter 

Michael_Son_Congo_Edit Michael_Congo_Edited
Michel and his son, Divin, share their lessons learned.

“I learned the sacrifice from my dad.” – Divin, DR Congo

“I learned to help his fellow from my dad.” – Michel, DR Congo

“I learned to extend grace from my dad.”
Andrea Read, Director of Field Operations


“I learned how to be self reliant from my dad.” – Shadrick, Zambia

“I learned compassion for ALL of humankind from my dad.” – Cindi, supporter


“I learned mason work from my dad.” – Johan, India

“I learned patience from my dad.” – Acarlla, supporter

“I learned how to be humble from my dad.” – Ramachandra, Field Staff, India

Dominic, Chingola, Zambia_Staff-Square

“I learned dedication from my dad” – Dominic, Field Staff, Zambia

“I learned how to take a problem & make it an opportunity from my dad!”
– Carol S., supporter


“I learned to be honest from my dad.” – Jane, Field Staff, Zambia

“I learned how to cut hair from my dad.”
– Gabriel M, Field Staff, India

“I learned to always help others, as many as you can, in as many ways as you can, as long as you can, from my dad. You’ll never be sorry!!”

– Christina N., supporter

“I learned curiosity from my dad.” – Dave, Content Manager

“I learned to enjoy what I have from my dad.” – Samuel, Bolivia

Wilfido Gracia (Wil) y su hijo Erling Gracia (1)

“I learned to push myself from my dad.” – Wil + Erling (his son), Nicaragua 

“I learned sincerity and hard-work from my father (and mother).” – Rahman, supporter

“I learned to be a wanderer from my granddad.” – Natalie, supporter


“I learned dedication from my dad.”– Debbie, Web and Technology Manager

“I learned to listen from my dad.” – Amy, Donor Services Specialist 

“I learned to love and honor our mom and family from Daddy Art!” – May, supporter


“I learned joy from my dad.” – Hidasa, India

“I learned to be generous and help those in need from my dad.” – Bruce, supporter


“I learned faith from my dad.” – Gary, Computer and Software Consultant

“I learned how to be kind and loving from my dad.” – Bernard, supporter 

“I learned that patience pays off from my dad.” – Chidothi, Malawi


“I learned hard work from my dad.” – Barbarao, India

“I learned to be of service to others from my dad.” – Jamiela, supporter


“I learned how to love my family from my dad.” – Juan, Field Staff, Nicaragua

“I learned honesty from my dad.” – Florence W., supporter


“I learned tailoring from my dad.” – Sukanti, India

“I learned the importance of giving with warm hands from my dad.” – Barb, supporter


“I learned creativity from my dad.” – Tshiyamba, DR Congo

“I learned that happiness depends on oneself from my dad.” – Martín, Bolivia

“I learned how to respect others from my dad.” – Kapesha, Field Staff, Zambia


“I learned dancing from my dad.” – Ayub, India

“I learned integrity from my dad.” – Joel, supporter

“I learned how to avoid doing bad things to others in life from my dad.”
– Augustin, Field Staff, Haiti


Some of the gals from Outreach HQ staff share their fatherly wisdom.

Thanks, Dads. If you feel like sharing some of your own father’s/ fatherly advice with us, take a few moments to fill out the form with your name and whatever wisdom you choose, and we’ll add it to the blog post above. We’d love to hear it, and he’d love to see it. So click here!