In four local communities near Vacas, Bolivia, families are struggling to find nourishment. Situated high in the mountains, amidst a very difficult terrain, 81 families are hopeful for the opportunity to build themselves a vegetable garden near their homes. Each vegetable garden costs $69 to construct. With Outreach International’s help, they’ll grow a variety of vegetables which will provide their children with much needed nutrients. Right now, they eat mainly carbohydrate-rich foods, such as potatoes and rice; proteins are virtually missing from their diet. For these communities, a vegetable garden is a huge step out of poverty.

We know this works!

Outreach International has implemented a similar project in the neighboring village of Sapilica. Not only was the community able to produce a variety of food for their own consumption, they even managed to produce a surplus, which they sell at the market for more income for their families. Their children are feeling stronger due to the increase in nutrition, and concentration levels at school have also greatly improved. Due to the fact that these communities are located high in a mountainous region, cold weather can inhibit growth of vegetables during the Winter months. As part of this project, a greenhouse-like structure will be built to protect the gardens all year round.

The families in Vacas, Bolivia, aren’t looking for handouts; they need our help in order to help themselves. Each family will provide the stone for the walls and the labor to build them, so they’ll have a structure they can be proud of.

100% of your donation to Outreach International will go directly to the project. Your gift will help build vegetable gardens and provide a huge step out of poverty.

If you’d like to support these families in achieving their goal, check out the Fundly donation page here.