What comes to mind when you think about your dad? Regardless of cultural, social or financial barriers, the words for “dad” are always the same: strong, wise, loving, adviser, friend.

A dad always knows what’s most important in life: his children, his family and doing what is right. Above all, dads are men of character.

This year, Americans are set to spend a projected $13.2 billion on Father’s Day gifts, an estimate that’s up 2.1 percent from last year’s spending.

But ties and personalized golf balls aren’t what dads care most about. Last year, 94 percent of dads surveyed said that a small gesture was more important than an expensive gift.

The fathers in Outreach International communities are no different. They want to provide for their families, but they often don’t have resources to feed them and keep them healthy.


In Nicaragua, dads in Outreach villages need tools to build shelter for their children. In Zambia, they need fishing kits to feed their families. And in DR Congo, they need the opportunity to get eyeglasses for poor vision.

This Father’s Day, give your dad something extra. Honor what he’s done in your life by giving impoverished dads around the world the same chance to provide for their families.