This past year, your support meant that Outreach field staff worked directly with 54,154 people in 8 countries, 105 communities, and 498 projects, including:

Capture stove picture - nicaragua

This past year, 370 vented stoves were built in Bolivia and NicaraguaWhat will we build this year?


Dec29 - Haiti - GirlWetFace

This past year, Outreach’s clean water projects benefited over 10,000 individuals in Malawi, Bolivia, Zambia, Haiti and the Philippines. What will we accomplish this year?


Capture man with tree - Bolivia

This past year, 20,000 trees were planted in Bolivia – just a portion of the 250,000 that have been planted in all Outreach communities in the last three years. What will we plant this year?



This past year, 5,437 children were enrolled in the 2014/2015 school year in Haiti. Who will go to school this year?


Thank you, Outreach donors. We couldn’t do this without you!