Strong relationships with our partners make a huge difference in our work. That’s why this site was done in-house, and with organizations that have given us donated or heavily subsidized help. This means more of your donation goes directly to the field, where it’s needed most. 

Our talented in-house staff developed the design and content for this site. And our friends Kevin Fincel and Peter Roesler at Web Marketing Pros coded and built it out. 

Wayne Rowe, at Visioning Images, provided us with photography, and ensured all photos from this site came from the field.

Board member Tom Townsend and his crew from Rodgers Townsend, along with their partners at Cool Fire Media and Paper Fortress, provided footage and creative consultancy.

We’re pretty excited about the direction we’re heading. And we’re not the only ones impressed. Our communications team won four awards at the 2013 Nonprofit Philly Awards.


We’re so grateful to all our supporters. We couldn’t accomplish our work in the field without you!