Outreach would be little more than a list of good ideas if not for our generous donors. All the good we’ve accomplished has been accomplished together. As we kick off our Triple Your Impact campaign (where every donation is matched dollar-for-dollar-for-dollar!), we wanted to share some of the kind words our donors have said about us in recent years. It’s not just fuzzy, warm feelings, either— our unique approach to resolving poverty endures because it continues to boast stellar results and improve the lives and outlook of countless individuals and families around the world.

We’re not usually so immodest, but since the goal here is to inspire donations, we’ve made a brief exception to being uniformly humble. Take it away, Outreach supporters!

Doris C:

I have had the privilege of seeing Outreach International and their facilitators working in the field in Philippines, Malawi, Bolivia and Nicaragua. Their facilitators work in villages of poverty around the world, teaching them organizational skills to make them more self-sufficient, and helping them see their value as leaders within their community. After a few years of learning, they can sustain what they have learned. I have seen villages whose standard of living was raised to the point where neighboring villages noticed, and they were able to help teach them what they had learned from the Outreach International facilitators. We have supported Outreach as donors for many years, and believe their approach works.


My husband and I have been supporters of Outreach International for many years, and in recent years it has become our charity of choice. We are especially drawn to OI’s model, as it is one of the few that seems to provide a realistic process for self-empowerment and sustainability in its efforts against poverty. OI seems to really embrace the idea of abolishing poverty rather than just ameliorating it. […] I always feel our money is being used well when we make donations to OI.


My wife and I have supported Outreach International for many years. We love getting the feedback on how our donations help others move ahead with being self-sustaining and having a healthier life. I have always thought the participatory part of the program was very important to the long-lasting effects. When the local people come together and use their own gifts and effort to prioritize, plan, and implement the final outcome they have new expectations for their future and what is possible within their own community. I also appreciate how volunteers are actively involved and how much of the funding goes directly to the projects rather than overhead.


I love this organization and have often offered it up to people looking for a place to help. I appreciate many things, but the general public looking to make a difference can be confident that the funds go to the needy, as this organization keeps the administrative costs below 15%. Also, this organization helps people help themselves in a sustainable way – no one-shot deals! I contribute by means of an automatic monthly withdrawal from my bank, as I don’t want to forget this important work.


Outreach International engages the collaborative energy of the whole village to sustainably address poverty. Instead of dependency (“giving a man a fish”), the Participatory Human Development Process of Outreach International facilitates lasting change and capability (“teaching the village how to fish together”). This approach is both efficient and effective, as it only requires one trained facilitator to organize and equip the village to transform itself.


Peace and Justice require action. Outreach International is an organization of action. We are called to uplift the worth of all persons, lift each other out of poverty, promote communities of peace. This organization does just that. They do not just throw food and medicine at people or villages. The members of this organization help people to help themselves be self-sufficient, help communities work together to build economies that are self-supporting. I highly encourage all who want to invest in the future of Earth to donate funds, time, sweat equity through Outreach International. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be a blessing to others and help them to be a blessing to even more people.

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See? They love us, they really love us! We love them— and you— right back.

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