Thanks to you, we have reached and exceeded our goal of $3,352 for the Chigwere preschool! We couldn’t have done it without your continuous support.

Your donation is making an impact. 100 percent of funds are going to the project, including in-country sustainable management costs. We don’t spend a cent of your money on paperclips and pens for the office.

The parents of these children will be ecstatic. Being able to provide a great start in education is just a dream for many; but for the parents in Chigwere, it is quickly becoming a reality.

Before you stepped in to help with this project, children in the community had to meet in a local church, and there was only enough space for a select few children. But now, children from all over the region will be able to attend school in their very own, designated preschool building.

Community members were so excited about this project that they’ve already made 10,000 bricks and cleared the foundation for the school.

See the region the preschool will be built in for yourself:

You’re also supporting self-sufficiency in Malawi. Now that the preschool is funded, the community of Chigwere will take the initiative and responsibility to build and sustain the building together.

It’s been said, “A school is a building with four walls—and tomorrow inside.” Thank you for helping these little ones have a brighter, more hopeful future. And who knows, one of these children may just become the leader of their community!



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